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You will play as Kei (name can be changed), a young man who has experienced bullying from the girl he confessed to during high school.
After fighting your way through heaven and hell just to change your physical appearance, you swore to get your revenge one day on her.
However, upon reaching adulthood, you realized that taking revenge is a fool's game and decided to simply move on with your life.
One day, your landlady put the other rooms in your house for rent.
Without your knowledge, that girl alongside her friends, are the ones moving in.
However, you will soon discover something that will change your life forever.
While diving down into each character's heart-warming stories,
you'll experience growth more than you ever thought you would.

3d, adult, comedy, eroge, erotic,  male-protagonist, renpy, romance, slice-of-life, visual-novel, ahegao

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Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, ahegao, Eroge, Erotic, Male protagonist, Ren'Py, Romance, Slice Of Life


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My Bully is My Lover-Ch1-Ep1-P2.apk 949 MB

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THAT ENDING! *Adds another guy to the 'MUST PUNCH' folder.*


i just got to the part where you learn emy's back story and i must say fuck you for making me get in my feels and making me not horny 10/10 as of right now

Just to ask, where are the saves? I happened to play the game, but I want to play the new version u upload, but the older saves are in the game... Just want to delete them.. Any Idea?

Go to MBML folder, then game folder, and then the saves folder. That is what I had to do at least.


I found Easter egg in Eternum lol


Amazing as always. Never fails to amaze me!

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Ook this is more confusing of what i think is the game did a remake again?. I mean is what happen to the other story? Pls enlighten me did the game just reset 3 times now or just 2? I mean not complaining but i like the old one

(ps. I just returned to play this game so sorry if i sound rude. Yeah i totally mistook this to be LCC) 

Need more sense of moon ,moon is fryk pretty

When will update?


Hey i was wondering do I need to replay all the game everytime a new version get out or i can keep my save ?

I'm a little lost... 

I downloaded the game in episodes (up to 6 I guess), and now I see chapter 1 ep 1 part 1&2

Is it a new packaging for the same content or are there new things added compared to the old chapter 7 ? 

And do we need to dowload both part 1 and part 2 or just the latest ? 

Sorry for being such a burden instead of talking about your amazing game (outstandingly well written and amazing to play). 

Thank you very much 

I think he renamed it because the previous version is just the Prologue and now its entering Chapter 1

I love Moon so much!! Dude, please do more stories and scenes about Moon, your game is doing great, keep up the good work!

Ngl the story is getting more interesting and I'm into it :D hope some awesome fight scenes happen cause I wanna see MC in full action 馃槑馃槑



So the game is about me choosing a girl, yet the whole of episode 4 is about Emma's life history, how her parents died by 6 years of age, and how she met John and so on. At least 3 hours of gameplay taken up with Emma's past. If this is going to be the same for all the other girls, this is going to be a 20+ episode game, and if not, is the dev just trying to tell me I will HAVE TO choose Emma?

choosing the right path is the key to have all the girls in the story. But, sadly the ending will be the MC and shu got married overseas T-T

I played a lot of such novels, but in fact they were all passing "sex simulators" with a very weak plot.. And this is the first one in this style that could interest me, which even motivated me to try to start doing something of my own! (I even created an account to write this) However, I do not know any programs where you can make characters and backgrounds... Perhaps I am asking a lot, but I would really like to know, if possible, which programs were used for this? I'm also looking forward to Emma's route (if he hasn't already come out and I don't know about it. I'm just new here). Good luck in development and thanks!


i fell in love with Claire....can i have her? 馃槼

No. XD

I can sacrifice all the girls (except Emma, of course) only for her. Will such conditions be suitable? xDD


I was playing the previous version, and I found so many weird gwen scene, looks like she got a double chin! XD (or is she designed to be like that? )

Just honey select 2 things. 馃槄


I think when the MC meets Klara and the rest of the clan, the guy with an eyepatch looks like he is the MC of Life Changing Choices.

Same right!?

Yes, that is him.

Damn, now I gotta play that one too...

My first thought when I saw him was Goro Majima from Yakuza (in my defense, I haven't played LCC yet)

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Just played the game, and ENJOYED every seconds of it! If I may ask, where did you get all the BGMs from? they fit every scene it's soo good lol, especially the BGM at the beginning of episode III where Hera and Klara was talking the first time, really need this one for... research purposes

This guy has been uploading the soundtracks used in the game. Check him out.

Nice! Thank you!!


Nice nice


ive played quite a few of these AVNs over the past couple years and this one along with caribdis's work are major standouts. the story, the scenes, the music, character designs, all of it is on a level of quality one wouldnt expect from an indie dev with no real financial backing. Just finished the latest update and honestly I couldnt be happier with the result. sooooooo worth waiting for. Ive always thought of aine as cute but her reactions to being teased are the cutest things ive seen in a long time. frankly all of the girls so far have their charm points, but imo aine and moon stand out the most so far. having understoof more of aines background, i can say she deserves the best girl position with emy being a VERY close second. like i had a hard time deciding between the 2 tbh. while moon is a cute yet sexy hardass, i kinda wanna see her soft side (if she has one) come out a bit more. i mean when i saw her in the water at the beach, i actually used the screenshot function for the first time. if you havent played this game yet, DO IT. you will NOT regret it especially if ur an anime fan. a job very very well done niichan, i cant wait to see what you have in store for the future. keep up the amazing work but dont forget to take care of ur own health as well. godspeed my dude


Thank you, chillbrownie! That means a lot.


why was the cat the only pussy censored in the whole game? lmfao



Oh sheesh xdd

how to open all the scenes ?

how to get the missing scene? I also can't open freya's latest scene
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I still want a way to make me not re-introduce every update to the game.

HELP! 馃ゲ

You can just save before the game update ends and load it when you play new update.

yeah, best thing u can do if u missed the mark is use the skip function to get close to the end and then once ur there save ur game. that way when u put in a new update ur saves carry over and u can pick up where u left off

Just finished this update and it's ending is beautiful.

Btw every girl here is best girl but I still like GWEN most so I hope some updates will be more focused towards her lol

How could you bro,i mean yeah other girls are also good,but you can't deny that bestest girl in any existing avn is emy.

y'all spelled Moon wrong :D

pfft okay mam i guess u don't prefer bestest type girl, well you could have your preference i was being too biased,but my love will forever be emy.

Thanks for another update. 

Just finished chapter 1.

Im kinda stump about some of Sky and Mc's dialogue though. Like where they werent supposed to do certain things to each other. Where they actually step siblings? 

Anyway the Incest is in there then.

What Does an imouto ride anyway? 

Well of course a "Nii-San" 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ


What makes you think they are step-siblings? They are just sibling.

The dev gives you the option to make them anything you want though. You could make Sky your Padawan and Klara your jedi-Master... 馃ぃ

Wait fr?!

Thx for the tip 馃槀馃槀

I see someone's been watching Mxr...!

Hey buddy will you ever give the ending with emy/Emma,i know we have a story to play a plot but her story just made me fall in true love for her,just wants her ending fir once in my life i want only to be with a single girl in a harem avn,just because i love her way too much 

I have a Problem with the game, When I run it appears this error, someone knows how to fix it ? Thanks


I am here to stop my tears for a while... after watching the past of Emy. I am crying Niichan... 馃槚


I still want a way that doesn't make me re-introduce for every update. 馃ゲ


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I loved aine mother from start her past is troublesome she is completely wirdo but she is reason for good things to mc life like aine, Emma,bit most liked part about her is she knows what we want she told exactly this,what more do u want? To fuck me? Of course that's what we (want) don't


Definitely enjoying it so far. My one problem is the dialogue between the MC and Sky/Klara. It seems pretty clear it was written for it to their relationship to be sister/mom, but with the default of roommate/landlady everything just sounds really weird. IMO it's better than the alternative of using sister/mom, which is crossing some lines, but it's still something that could be worked on.

I doubt he will change it since its obvious what they're meant to be in terms of the story. I think the only reason there is an option is Patreon cause while already bashing 18+ stuff a good bit it really strikes down incest in games. Giving the option to "choose" is just a workaround I'm pretty sure.

bruh, first of all great work in the making of this game, now for the second part... are you and caribdis working with each other on this game and with eternum or are you fan?

Ps: this game 10/10

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I had to replay eternum due to a corrupt file, had to play the update.  I laughed when i saw the eternum ad in this game, but to see a character from this game in eternum was excellent.

Isn't MBIML a past of Kei before Life Changing Choices?
But why there are many parts that doesn't make sense, Kei's past & his family background...and what happened to Aine, Emma, Sky in LCC?

The characters are 2 different people. If you have Discord there's a pdf pinned in game-discussion that explains who's-who. Also LCC takes place~2 years before MBIML.

how do you unlock the scene with emma?

Check walkthrough to see if you made a wrong choice. Emma's path is hard to miss tho..

Why do I keep hearing Megalovania in the Background Music?

Love the game! Ran through a few times and still missing a render! Anyone know how to unlock the second to last (between Gwen and Klara)?

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You must be in relationship with both Gwen and Sky, then Sky heard you and Gwen having "breakfast". You will unlock it in new episode. 


That did it, thanks! I must have gotten my saves mixed up starting the new version, but was nice to replay the chapter anyway!

I know from Patreon that niichan will make third game so MBML and LCC done yet ?

Nope, both are still in progress. ATHANASIA is scheduled to begin development in 2024 anyway. 

(1 edit)

Even though some of the early stuff can be a bit cringy (like the very flat advice the MC gives the Aine and the other girls and his beta behavior), this is me nitpicking at most, but then again, it's only in the beginning of the game. 

Everything only gets better. The story is very good, the novel and the mystery are very entertaining, the panels are well-made, and the Emy story is the hightlight of this game so far for me, being emotional and exciting, making me look forward for the big reveal.

 Clearly 11/10 so far, huge bop

I seem to be missing some "Special Renders" and I'm not sure why. I have the render of Lily in her school uniform at the burger join, then Emma in her detective outfit, and then four "locked" renders, then Aine at a beach (snow?) house, Klara laying down, and then Moon with a donut. I've played through the game up to this point twice, once with a walkthrough mod, once using a website walkthrough, and yet I seem to have a gap in my renders.

Any help for why I didn't unlock them? So far it seems like they unlock at just certain points of the story, no effort on my part.



I appreciate the reply! Do you have a link to the guide that you screenshotted? I'm just trying to figure out if I need at least those points, or exactly those points, or... and if it's at least I'm going to have to head scratch what choices I made incorrectly.

It's not a guide, it's one of the pins from Nii's Discord server. You need exactly those points. 

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When i started playing this game its like im watching an Anime Romance Comedy,Action genre, A Korean Drama, And A Netflix Movie Pack in one. This is a freaking Masterpiece!! Specially the Pachelbel Canon at the End, What a Touch!!....

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